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Latest Writing Sarisafari is just passing through Madhya Pradesh and has visited the two most famous weaving centers in the state. Maheshwari saris have made a great comeback. Read also about the weavers of Chanderi and their gossamer light fabrics experiencing their own renaissance.

In rural India centuries old traditions are being held alive by a few families still willing to do things the hard way. With the simplest of tools and natural materials the true genius, and incredible patience of India's textile heritage emerges. The hand spinners and carders of Ponduru

It usually pays to step off the beaten path: Ilkal Sarees are very distinctive and surprisingly unknown outside the region where they are produced. Visit the weavers!


Orissa is also home to a unique tradition of natural dying and weaving. The natural dyers of Kotpad
- February 2009


Orissa Handlooms

The state of Orissa has a rich weaving heritage and is most famous for the yarn dyed ikats in heavy flannely cotton and lustrous silk or the opulent bomkais with patterned borders and pallus in threadwork ornament.


See the weaving production of the little known weaving communities of coastal Orissa. Barhampur, Pittal and Boirani
- February 2008

Sarisafari has been travelling around India for the last thirteen years. Each year is a new adventure and the discoveries will be shared. Contact us to receive the travel updates. Meanwhile, there are other places to see: Varanasi, City of sumptuous silk sarees, the bustling city of Kolkatta, the weavers of Balarampuram.

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